Find Cider Creek Hard Cider at Resurgence Brewing in Buffalo, New York

Posted by: Melanie Collins Date: Nov 15, 2014 8:00:00 AM

A lot of friends, family and new friends have been asking where they can find Cider Creek Hard Cider in the Buffalo, NY area. Look no longer, our craft hard cider can be found at Resurgence Brewing Company in Buffalo, NY. 

There are a few ciders on tap:

  1.  Our collaborative cider ale brew "All the King's Men" which is made of 60% beer and 40% cider. The brew is made with smoked apples, cinnamon, 100% New York State fermented cider, saison yeast, malted barley, wheat and hops.
  2. Our Premium Farmhouse Cider is made with a champagne yeast, it's effervescent and delivers an aromatic apple bouquet. It's sweet and dry with a crisp clean finish.
  3. Our Saison Reserve is made with a rare strand of Belgian Saison yeast, delivers an aromatic pallet of mild fruit flavors with just a hint of spices, earthy undertones, moderate tartness and semi-dry sweetness.
  4. Our Winter's Cinn is made with a Bavarian Wheat yeast and finished with cinnamon and a hint of spice. The yeast produces pear, plum and banana characteristics which are complimented well with a subtle hint of clove and vanilla.

Resurgence is the first on-premise location in New York and Massachusetts to receive the Winter's Cinn brew.

"Our customers want local and want a high quality product. When we learned that Cider Creek was local, met the staff, and tasted their cider, it became clear that our missions were aligned," said Dave Collins, Head Brewer of Resurgence Brewing Company.

As a native Western New Yorker, I'm very proud to be collaborating with Resurgence Brewing Company and excited to expand our reach throughout Buffalo and Western New York.

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