New Collaboration with Seneca Lake Winery, 'Make America Grape Again' Hitting Accounts November 8th

Posted by: Melanie Collins Date: Sep 12, 2016 4:44:00 PM

Just in time for election day, two New York State Farm beverage Kevin_Collins_Cider_Creek_Hard_Cider_and_Evan.jpg
producers will release 'Make America Grape Again', a collaboration that celebrates farming innovation, freedom and grape-ness.

Kevin Collins, a first generation cider maker, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed mad scientist at Cider Creek Hard Cider and Evan Miles, a third generation vitner at Miles Wine Cellars, have come together with a goal to promote innovation in cider and wine making as well as the importance of agriculture in New York State.

"When American farmers work together the results can be down right tasty," says Miles.

The cider features a Lemberger grape, saison ale yeast and champagne yeast. The grape variety is rich with raspberry, blackberry and plummy characters and is accented by a light peppery flavor. Wines made from this grape will typically have a light tannin level. The saison ale yeast adds citrus notes, earthy undertones and spice on the back end while maintaining the fruit of cider-wine. The champagne yeast adds to the effervescence of the cider-wine, compliments the existing tart notes, and leaves you with a smooth dry finish. The combination of both of these elements create a complex cider that is a light pink color.

This isn't the first collaboration for Collins, who prides himself on making cider more like how a brewer makes beer versus how a vitner makes wine. He has teamed up with New York State breweries including Resurgence Brewing Company, Swiftwater Brewing and Stoneyard Brewing to produce high-demand, small batch ciders. But, it is a first of its kind collaboration with a winery and one that Collins hopes will set an example for other producers.

"I'm constantly looking for ways to help move the craft beverage industry forward while staying on the cutting edge of cider making. It is also important to me to support local agriculture and to make sure that 100% of our ingredients are produced in New York State and are of the highest quality," says Collins.

Hard cider is making a huge resurgence across the country and in New York State because New York is the second largest apple producing state in the country. Collins continues to add "This is a perfect opportunity to change the way that people think about hard cider and wine as Evan and myself are very progressive in our cider and wine making methods."

When asked why the name, "Make America Grape Again"? both Collins and Miles will tell you that due to his entrepreneurial spirit and support for agriculture, Donald Trump is the best candidate to, "help us grow as businessmen, farmers and beverage producers."

About Miles Wine Cellars: Miles Wine Cellars is a boutique winery nestled on the shore in between Seneca Lake and its vineyards, where we have produced fruit-forward, estate grown wines for three generations. Our vineyard is certified as a Lake Friendly Sustainable Farm. We have lake access, car access, and accept groups by reservation. Miles Wines Cellars is noted as the "Most serenely gorgeous settings of any winery in the region" by National Geographic Traveler.